Tough choice – modern or conservative dress?

Designer wedding dresses – should I choose a modern or conservative one?

Currently, there is a whole myriad of dresses available on the market. They come in literally all shapes, sizes and styles. Hence, picking the right one might really give you a headache.

Leafing through a catalog of a designer you will probably notice that there are generally two distinct styles in wedding gowns. Half of them looks conservatively, while the other have more of a modernist feel to it.  Here comes the big question, namely which one to pick. For a while, let’s consider the advantages of choosing one.

Keep in mind that for most occasions classical patterns are the best. Hence, choosing a conservative dress equals staying on the safe side. Any forms of classical elegance are acceptable in almost every formal situation. Nobody will then frown upon your wedding outfit, deeming it not suitable for this particular occasion.

If you’re not done with the choice, maybe ask some other woman to lend you a hand? It can be your trusted friend or even a family member.  You mustn’t forget, however, that this is your own special day, not anybody else’s! Even though you seek advice from others, you’re the one to say the final word. You need to feel well and comfortable in a given dress, and be satisfied about its looks.

Are you done with the choice? I bet not! So, have some fresh air:

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